About Gary Slickman


"Educated and g
rounded by 35+ years of visual story telling and business experience...
enlightened and energized by the endless possibilities of the new digital and social media age." 


Photography has been a defining part of me since the age of eight, when I was compelled to use my Hawkeye camera and take some snaps of my neighbor's Christmas tree decorations glowing magically through their picture window. An image that still burns bright in my mind...My passion endures.


Capturing, Enhancing, Celebrating Your Story

I specialize in capturing and preserving the milestones that unfold during life's intriguing journey. My art has been crafted through chronicling a variety of family, individual, sports, social and theater events- as well as events in the corporate and fund raising arenas.


Collaborating, Creating, Communicating Your Vision

I am inspired by and through collaboration, with a focus on capturing, enhancing and celebrating your story.

Naturally I'm adept at developing and following a pre-determined shot list. But my true strengths lie in anticipating and documenting the unscripted moments. Perceiving and constructing the pieces creatively into a new vision.      


Photography • Videotaping • Editing • Graphic Design • Video Montages • Action Portraits